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DevOps0 topics

Category: Software Engineering

DevOps is a mindset, philosophy and ideology for the development toolchains and processes that supports customer requirements, and faster product publishing.


HTML, CSS and JavaScript0 topics

Category: Web Application Development

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the primary languages of the web applications.


Application Development Lifecycles0 topics

Category: Software Engineering

Application development lifecycle is the entire process of app development, from the inception of application all the way to development, management and updating.


Cross-Platform Mobile Development0 topics

Category: Mobile Application Development

Cross platform mobile development allows mobile developers to write their apps once, and run on as many platforms as they want, such as Android, iOS, Windows and other platforms.


Programming Languages0 topics

Category: Programming Languages and Frameworks

Learn the basics of programming languages, how they are built, how they are used to develop software and some best practices.


Android App Development1 topics

Category: Mobile Application Development

Android application development is the most common form of mobile application development, with Android Studio.


Windows 10 Mobile App Development0 topics

Category: Mobile Application Development

Windows 10 Mobile is the mobile edition of Windows 10, and a counterpart of UWP platform for mobile devices running Windows 10.