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Software Engineering

Software engineering is the process of software creation by the application of engineering procedures to the software development process.

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Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is the process of bringing your desktop solutions to a mobile device, such as an Android device, Windows Mobile or a smartwatch.

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Programming Languages and Frameworks

Programming languages are used to write the instructions for a computer to follow, and programming frameworks aid in writing high-level programs.

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Data Storage and Processing

Data Storage and Data Processing is the way of organizing the data, removing errors and presenting the data in human-understandable form, such as with charts.

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Web Application Development

Website and web app development is the process of developing applications that are accessible through network, such as Internet or Intranet.


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a buzzword around grid computing and a few other distributed, tenant architectures provided in as-a-Service model to customers.

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On the library you could find out resources related to somewhat techstack out there. Just so you know what to expect, the following list might be of any help here. While finding content in Library, please be careful to find content expected to exist here. In most cases, the content is hidden because of it's special type — ebooks, academics material etc.

  • Library is expected to contain categories.
  • Each category will in turn hold chapters.
  • Chapters would then span down to the sections, and their posts.
  • Primary focus is on categorized learning.
  • Specific questions, search queries etc. have a different location (e.g. Resources)
  • Library will primarily focus on categories, and sequential learning about a topic, chapter, or a course.
  • For anything, uncategorized, or a direct access, consider Resources, or ReachOut section to find it.
  • As content updates, you will find resources in the chapters.
  • Content would be in different shapes, and sizes,
    • Articles/Posts
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    • QA — one-on-one talk
  • Some bot services, to help me be a good librarian!

I need to bring my stuff, from different areas of the web, it primarily is on C# Corner, CodeProject etc. I won't be taking anything down from there, nor would be a copy/paste, thus I need to rethink a lot of things before I put them here. Thus, a moment of wait is something I can ask for.