Contrary to the Library section, Resources section primarily is meant to contain the buffet for you. I will unlink the categories, and linking of the material to provide you with specific material that you require. Which means, you can search for the specific topics, sections and how-to posts here. Think of it as, last-minute-search page.

  • Resources focus on a specific problem, topic or guide.
  • You can find external links here as well.
  • You may not find a few categories, or chapters because they link directly to a specific page or section on the website, thus you will not see them as a direct link here.
  • I wanted to have a section where we — you and me — can get out of mess of tutorials, articles and videos.
  • This section provides the grounds to build something, where a query matters, a query like — "how to send email through console application"
  • For anything, categorized, or a direct access, consider Library, or ReachOut section to find it.
  • As content updates, you will find resources as featured, or highlighted.
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The following lists contain only the top 4 of each type of resource available. More are always on their way. Thank you!

Software Engineering's featured image.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is the process of software creation by the application of engineering procedures to the software development process.

Mobile Application Development's featured image.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is the process of bringing your desktop solutions to a mobile device, such as an Android device, Windows Mobile or a smartwatch.

Programming Languages and Frameworks's featured image.

Programming Languages and Frameworks

Programming languages are used to write the instructions for a computer to follow, and programming frameworks aid in writing high-level programs.

Data Storage and Processing's featured image.

Data Storage and Processing

Data Storage and Data Processing is the way of organizing the data, removing errors and presenting the data in human-understandable form, such as with charts.



DevOps is a mindset, philosophy and ideology for the development toolchains and processes that supports customer requirements, and faster product publishing.


HTML, CSS and JavaScript

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the primary languages of the web applications.


Application Development Lifecycles

Application development lifecycle is the entire process of app development, from the inception of application all the way to development, management and updating.


Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Cross platform mobile development allows mobile developers to write their apps once, and run on as many platforms as they want, such as Android, iOS, Windows and other platforms.


Setting up Android Studio

Android Studio is the official IDE supported by Google for Android development.