Application usage

Some information about the application itself, how you can use it and what is the purpose.
What is this application?

This is an online collection of resources for students, professionals and indies to get started with their projects, and professions. I myself have faced problems with finding the suitable tutorials, good resources such as ebooks and videos on the internet. In most cases, if there is a useful material available, it is not free of cost and you must pay for it.

Thus, I have created this web application where I will provide you with the best resources, expert-led and professional grade material, free of cost.

See the monetization section below, to understand how I am going to help myself with the bills and all.

What was wrong with rest of the online stuff?


But you do agree the fact, that each community has its own flavor and taste. Some might focus on low-level detail, some are interested in the presentation and some only like to share more — 1 article, chopped down as 5 semi-blogs for the sake of more visitors.

I want to create a separated theme, where I share is being demanded in the market for students, teachers, professionals, geeks and the rest.

Who are you?

My name is Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan, and I am a computer programmer. I have taught those, who are teaching you now. I have contributed 0.01% of apps to the Internet and was able to contribute top ranking programming articles for CodeProject, and C# Corner.

I have been awarded Most valuable professional award by CodeProject, C# Corner and Microsoft for programming resources, which I share online.

Yes, you got me. I have shared on these communities and I believe, each of them lacks a thing or two. Which is why, I am using this platform to share what I want to, and what I have to share.

I must state, that being a Microsoft MVP, I was able to get enough credits to host this web application on Microsoft Azure's App Service and to support my content with Azure SQL.

Are there any promotions here?


I just want to share my experience with you. It doesn't matter who you are, nor will I ever care. What matters is, what you get out of this web application and the effort, which I am going to invest in this over next few years.

Any tool which I going to talk about, would typically be found under a chapter, or a category (see Library for more on this.), which means that incase you do not like a tool for a job — be that because it is paid product, or from a vendor whom you do not like — you can always check back in the category to find an alternate product. Or let me know if you feel there should be an alternative solution to a particular product. I would be more than willing to add that! 😄

Account creation

Some information about the accounts on this web application, their privacy concerns and what is expected from you.
Why should I have an account?

I want this web service to be global, which means most of the settings are global and must be available to everyone.

If you would like these settings to be fine tuned to your locale, and timezone you can create an account.

P.S, there is a lot more to come.

What is required to create an account?

Account creation is just an ordinary procedure, you just require to enter your name and email with some more information, such as birthday (see COPPA compliance below), and your account would be created and settings would be applied for you on the application.

Can I surf the website without creating account?

You already are surfing the website without creating an account.

Can I create an account if I am under 13?

Conforming to COPPA act — If you are 13 years or age, or younger I recommend you keep surfing the website without any hesitation. You are required to be at least 13 years old in order to create account and for me to request your information to process and set across the web application.

Do not worry, if you are younger than 13 years the only things you are not getting access to is:

  1. Directed emails and notifications. — Trust me kiddo, it is a pain to read through all those mails.
  2. Newsletters and ebooks.
  3. Targetted settings and some content.
  4. Read-access to entire collection or resources and libraries. I will not ask any information from you.
What is the privacy policy for accounts and usage information?

Privacy policy and related information is shared under Privacy Policy page, please visit it. I will update the page to keep you updated with any related changes. I might not send out emails or notifications for each change that I make, so please go revisit.

This site uses cookies, yes, yes, yes, it does?

This site uses cookies, and some other offline storage methods to store the information, which makes it easier for you to surf around the website without having to pay multiple times for the same data. A few of the notable mentions are localStorage API, which is not active at the moment, but I am considering it.

By continuous use of this website, you agree to provide me with permissions to store the cookies on your machine.

I am using services such as Application Insights, and would be looking forward to some monetization methods, in which case, the cookies and privacy policy would be subject to their owners' policies and you should consider reading their policies in that matter.

Why free?

Whatever ships free of cost, makes you the product! But no, this is open platform and following are the ways in which I want to monetize the content.
Why am I not asking for a subscription?

It is one of my hobbies to share my knowledge and experience with the peers, as already mentioned above for several communities. Which is why, I want to share more of it here without having to worry about that community's interests — because I want to focus on what you need.

Do I sell information to third-party platforms?


I am not working with any other party, third-party, second or even first-party from any organizations that I might be related to. This site is run by me, and only me and that is why the information is left for the service to provide you with some relevant information.

If you are concerned about privacy, please do not create account. You will still be able to access all readable, public content on the site.

How do I manage the bills then?

For time being, I want to focus on making the platform a big platform, with resources for everyone.

Once, I believe that I have enough content and material for everyone, I will monetize the content through proper channels such as YouTube, Google Adsense, or offer you free applications, which I still do have such as Speak It! App on Google Play.

Rest assured, none of these applications would contain any sort of malware, spyware or phishing tools. I would monetize the content in a non-adware-way.

I hope you understand this. I do not want to make you my product, I do not require any information from your side, I do not want to sell anything that you own. Instead, I will try to monetize the content.

I would really appreciate if you would share my content, if you like it of course.

How to contact?

You might still want to contact me, well read below.
Still want to contact me?

You can reach out to me through the following social channels. Please keep it professional and short.

Thank you!