If you are here, it means you might be interested in learning about this website. Well, since this website is a baby at the moment I do not have much to offer you at the moment. Soon I will post stuff, related to this context, website and how I am doing things that are running this website. In the mean time, I can use the area to tell you about the few things that are going on through my mind.

Coming in hot

  • I want to bring my entire knowledgebase here.
    • Ebooks — I will write a few more as well
    • Articles — I will slice them all in categories, sections and posts
    • Videos — The previous ones, and new ones from my YouTube channel
  • I want to enter the categories, sections and manage a few things.
  • I want to integrate a few external sources, such as YouTube channel.
  • I want to expose my training through a Web API.
  • I want to make it clear, as to what is sold here, and what/who is product.

Delayed tasks

  • I do want to allow you guys to have user accounts.
  • I do want to expose a mobile client.
  • I do want to create an admin panel, and share its code with you.
  • Privacy Policy page is required before I ask you to create accounts. Thus, I would need to focus on that part first.

But you get the point, there is a lot to do, and less time.