During my years as a student, I have faced problems as a student, as well as a teacher. Not every teacher has to be a mentor, and not every student is an idiot. The problem is with the way they are both made to contact each other. Thus, this section is somewhat devoted to them.

For Students →

  • Getting Started guides
  • Catalouge of free content — from the web, of course.
  • Expert content on subjects, and courses
  • How-tos for specific problems — don't expect me help you in assignments, just never!
  • Golden Question: Why do I need to learn this? — kind of questions.
  • Me as a student, using my comb for your hairstyle.

For Parents →

  • I am a fan of communities, where parents are involved in the learning process of their child.
  • Parents must understand the field of study, which their child is selecting.
  • Pathways can be utilized by parents as well, to better understand needs of their child.

For Teachers →

  • Updated ebooks with fresh content, unlike Turbo C++ books
    • I wrote an ebook for my course, because the book my teacher suggested was out of scope.
    • Teachers have no time to look for updated content, it's understandable.
    • Languages are updated, frameworks are patched, books are... Well, copied with same mistakes.
  • Assessment guidance
  • Course material help