Since the beginning of my learning experience, and teaching hardships. I have believed in open learning, building and training. Which is why, this website is a part of article as well, I will share the development process as well as the tools used in development of this site.

This about section is not about me, but instead the website itself. Not yet, but you might want to keep an eye on BackStage to learn about the website, how I program it, how I manage it and what services I am using there.

For those, who cannot wait, here is a heads up:

Who runs this website?

  • I run the website, alone.
  • No, I am not expecting any guest posts, or help from other authors.
  • Every content, here would be my own.
  • I do not share opinions of anyone, but my own.
  • I am not forcing you to download, use, or share anything... It is just a humble request, to do so.

Technology stack used?

  • This website is built using ASP.NET Core.
  • Data backend is provided with Azure SQL database.
  • I am currently working on a few things, such as Web API endpoints etc.

Hosting services, by?

  • This web application is hosted on Microsooft Azure's App Service.
  • Database hosting is also provided by Microsoft Azure (Thank you!)

Everything, from external to internal about this website will be shared... I am trying to find out a useful location for that stuff. Also, just like Reach Out, this website information will be shared once everything goes live.

I am just publishing the website, so that Google can know what is on this site, nothing else. :-)