I am known by several names and usernames on the Internet, and different locations. I have been into this computer science thing since quite a while and, I have spent more time learning as compared to teaching. Before I actually create my hall of fame, I have to enlist my accolades manually.

Thus, I am qualified to talk about the things, which I am talking about.

At the moment, I am more interested in talking about Cloud Computing, Mobile Development, DevOps, Machine Learning and a bit of tiny topics that are most in demand now adays.

Library →

  • Find material categorized, as per topic or subject.
  • Start learning, and keep learning without leaving the page.
  • New content added, with time.

Resources →

  • Buffet-like learning content.
  • Pick what you like.
  • Search for what you want.
  • Multiple formats — ebooks, videos, articles.

Academics →

  • Course material on different subjects and topics
  • Help with courses, and how technology is changing
  • One-on-one help for students — chances are, you already ask me questions everyday.